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The Gracewater Project

Off-grid, private, family friendly, sustainable human settlement in harmony with nature.

What Is The Gracewater Project?

We are building a sustainable off-grid homestead community!

Gracewater Farm

Broadacre farming under permaculture design. Cooperation with nature and natural processes results in renewable abundance and surplus. The Farm will function as the core industry to support a permanent human culture and sustain a private economy, providing jobs, food and fiber.

Gracewater Ranch

Ranching 2.0. We are implementing a ground-up redesign of ranching in the southwest. Pastures are renovated with Keyline plowing to build topsoil and store rainwater. Trees become a major landscape feature. Swales transport and store water across the landscape. Our goal it to triple the stocking rate of our grazing land, and incorporate thousands of fruit and nut bearing trees to massively increase the pasture productivity!

Gracewater Village

Its all about People! Off-grid homesteads, and thriving families working to restore and protect the air, water, and soil to create a lifestyle defined by Health and Prosperity. In harmony with natural processes. Preserving the natural resources for our childrens children, a dozen generations into the future.

Gracewater Market

Bringing our Peoples productivity and creativity to the marketplace of the American people all around us.

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Latest news and random thoughts from the founder of The Gracewater Project